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Massage Therapy

Foyer9491B.C. Registered massage therapists are professionals and are considered to be the best trained in North America.

In British Columbia,  Massage Therapists must complete a comprehensive 3000 hour medically-based college program.  As a point of reference, a four-year University Degree requires 1500 hours of instruction.

Registered Massage Therapists are trained to access and treat a variety of neuromuscular problems by manipulating the body’s soft tissue. Massage therapy has been documented as an alternative treatment for a wide range of conditions involving short term and long term pain.  In addition to “hands-on-therapy,” RMTs are also trained in the use of a wide variety of healing techniques including hydrotherapy, stretching, strengthening and postural exercises.

Registered Massage Therapists are required to continue their studies by taking specialized courses and programs in a variety of specific techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, muscle energy, myofacial release, cranial sacral therapy and more.

All Registered Massage Therapists are governed by the College of Massage Therapists and are Regulated Health Professionals in British Columbia.  Massage therapy in BC has been a regulated health care profession since 1946.

For more information about Massage Therapy in BC visit
Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia
The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia


Cranial Sacral Therapy


Barbara Brennan Energy Healing

Practitioners of Brennan Healing Science (BHSP’s) are highly trained through a minimum of 4 years in a rigorous professional program with a focus on psych-spiritual development, high sense perception, creative arts, energy healing techniques, development of self in relationship to the other and to a cross-cultural spirituality inclusive of all spiritual traditions. BHSP’s are trained in bringing presence and creating deep contact with our clients in order to hold a safe container for them to experience their healing from within. Having awareness and experience of our own personal process and healing, we can then ‘hold’ that place for another and can facilitate their inner healing in a safe and compassionate manner. This work happens on a healing table or within a therapeutic sacred conversation.

BHSP’s align with the highest of ethical principles and integrity for the highest good of our clients. To maintain that integrity, BHSP’s commit to life-long learning and spiritual growth, including supervision sessions. While BHSP’s are proficient with many effective and precise healing techniques, the most profound healing often arises from the simple act of holding our clients in the strength and compassion of our sacred hearts. It is within our sacred hearts which we ‘hold’ the client to help them bring healing into their lives.

Practitioners hold the personal intention for healing with our clients and recognize the holographic benefit for the collective healing of humanity and the earth. The concept of healing is the process of coming into wholeness and harmony in all aspects of being: a coming home to the self.

All that is presented in a healing session is viewed as that which informs a BHSP how energy is flowing and how life is manifested through the dynamics made known. With this information, new choices can be made, new understandings can release what is stuck and forward movement and quality of life changes are possible.

Accompanying another human being within their most vulnerable places is seen as an honor by Brennan Healing Science Practitioners. We recognize the courageous act of self-discovery and hold with great care those in the process of healing their lives.